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Nassyma Hablal

Born 1928.


From 1945 onwards as a student Nassyma Hablal campaigns for Algerian independence and is a member of the nationalist Algerian People’s Party (PPA).  She collects money for the PPA and also sets out to raise the political consciousness of Algerian women.


She works as secretary for one of the key FLN leaders, Abane Ramdane and is also on central committee of the General Union of Algerian Workers which, as an FLN organisation, plays  a leading role in the anti-colonial struggle.  With Isa Benzeki, she is the first woman to type by stencil the first edition of the clandestine FLN newspaper El-Moudjahid.


She is arrested and tortured in Algiers, being constantly moved between torture centres.


She dies in 2013.

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